Sports Celebrity

Q. What can Barbara, as a sport celebrity do for you?
Barbara can certainly ignite a corporate event. Most people are fascinated with sport celebrities. Besides the name value and star appeal they bring; a sport celebrity adds sizzle to a traditional business conference.

You can book Barbara to…

a. Give a talk
b. Present a seminar
c. Do Q&A session
d. Entertain at a banquet or after dinner
e. Work a trade-show booth
f. Add star power to a grand opening
g. Mingle at your organization’s gathering
h. Meet and Greet
i. Sign autographs
j. Pose with attendees at a photo session
k. Participate in a golf outing
l. Endorse a product
m. Go on a media tour

Q. Cost?
Fees for Barbara Berezowski does vary depending on the type of event booking.  We will work with you in order to fit your needs and budget.

Working with Barbara Berezowski Promotions, you’ll never be surprised or caught off guard by hidden charges.  All charges need to be understood, negotiated, and approved before contracts are signed.  You will always  fully understand why and what you are paying for, and getting you the fairest deal.

Q. Can it be arranged for Barbara to do product endorsements and promotions?
YES, absolutely. First, it’s important to agree on a match to a particular product or service. We will be more than happy to work with you.

Q. Can it be arranged for Barbara to be booked to do a media tour?
YES, absolutely. It’s imperative to get the right celebrity to represent your organization. Often the same celebrity who endorses your product or service will also be the one who will do the media tour.

Q. What is a “Hold?”
A “hold” is when Barbara, prior to finalizing the engagement, is reserving a particular date for you.  In the event Barbara, while on hold for you, receives a firm offer for the same date, you, as the first hold, will have twenty-four hours to either go ahead and book the sports star or release the hold.



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