Inspirational Speaker

Barbara Berezowski

“To Inspire Those Who Desire”

Inspirational Speaker:  An energetic and passionate speaker for your next event.

Barbara Berezowski has had the opportunity to meet and speak to a variety of groups all over Canada.  She enjoys sharing her story to people in all walks of life, knowing that it is offering inspiration.  She has spoken to groups in government, health, tourism, business, schools and aspiring athletes.

Barbara invites her listeners to join in and experience the events of her life as she describes what her journey to the Olympics and beyond was all about.  She takes them to places of  intense emotions, from her struggles through to her moments of joy.  She connects well with her audience because she shares of herself with them on a personal level and loves to listen to them as well.  Her goal is to give back to people by offering her insights as an inspiration with the hope that it helps them in their journeys.  “To inspire and ignite that inner source of positive energy is my goal….after that, anyone can achieve their personal goals and desires”. 

Barbara’s speeches are designed to adapt to her audiences.    

“Realizing that anything is possible, a passion for what you do in life, allowing human potential to grow and allowing your positive energy to fuel you” is what Barbara’s messages are all about.

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